Over the past 13 years, Structaform has placed more than 75 000m3 of concrete.

Structaform work with 3 of the main Readymix concrete suppliers in the Western Cape.

Concrete is supplied in pumpable and non-pumpable forms.

It is imperative that the correct placing, curing and compaction practices are followed in order to ensure the desired final results.

We will work with the Site Engineer to supply a standard or specific design mix required for the project.

Our teams manage the entire process of the placement of the in situ structural concrete.

We offer specialist waterproofing concrete additives including Xypex, Penetron and Kryton.

Concrete Cube Test, to determine the compressive strength of the concrete element, are offered upon request.

Wireless Concrete Sensors, which are embedded into the concrete, providing real-time curing and drying data on the concrete via software, is offered upon request.

Rib and Block concrete slabs are also undertaken.

We work with La Farge Readymix to supply and place their self-levelling Agilia concrete.